Brighten up your home with Quest Collection’s Joyous Collection. Offering a wide range of Judaica pieces, such as menorahs, tzedakah boxes, cake stands and Seder plates, each has delighted women dancing as their base. Their elegantly handcrafted shapes and twirling dresses give a beautiful touch to any home.


2 colors
Color Options: Joyous Seder Plate - Gold Joyous Seder Plate - HP

Joyous Seder Plate - Gold Product Code: SDR17B

3 colors
Color Options: Joyous Kiddush Cup - Gold Joyous Kiddush Cup - HP Joyous Kiddush Cup - Silver

Joyous Kiddush Cup - Gold Product Code: KDC30B

3 colors
Color Options: Joyous Menorah - Silver Joyous Menorah - HP Joyous Menorah - Gold

Joyous Menorah - Silver Product Code: MEN34A

3 colors
Color Options: Joyous Candle Holders - Gold Joyous Candle Holders - HP Joyous Candle Holders - Silver

Joyous Candle Holders - Gold Product Code: CS22BPR

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