Bring spring into your home with the vibrant Lotus Collection! Different trays, bowls, servers and tea lights are all available with lotus designs! Many of the trays and plates have a lily pad shape for the Lotus flower bowls to rest delicately on. Some even come with miniature pewter frog charms! 


Lotus Honey Dish Set Product Code: HNSET39C

2 colors
Color Options: Multi-Color Lotus Seder Plate / Platter Lotus Seder Plate / Platter

Multi-Color Lotus Seder Plate / Platter Product Code: SDR10ASST


Frog Lotus Platter - Medium Product Code: PL03B


Frog Lotus Platter - Large Product Code: PL04B


Coral Lotus Bowl Product Code: CND23A


Lotus Leaf Cake Server Product Code: CKN14A


Lily Pad Platter & Bowls Product Code: SDR12A

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