Give your home a taste of the Byzantine Empire with these specially designed Quest Collection pieces. Judaica items range from challah boards and napkin rings to bowls and candle holders. Each has stunning gold models, some with accented shades of dusty lilac. Whether you pick one item or matching pieces for a set, these will look gorgeous in any home!


2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad - Gold Byzantine Yad - Purple

Byzantine Yad - Gold Product Code: YAD34B


Byzantine Challah Bread Knife Product Code: KN14B


Byzantine Matzah Tray Product Code: TRAY66A

2 colors
Color Options: Byzantine Yad holder - Gold Byzantine Yad holder - Silver

Byzantine Yad holder - Gold Product Code: YADHDR04B


Byzantine Hamsa Necklace - Gold Product Code: NK41B


Byzantine Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ162C


Byzantine Salt Dish with Spoon Product Code: DSH19B


Byzantine Napkin Rings Set Product Code: NR17B


Byzantine Dreidel Product Code: DRD35B


Byzantine Candle Holders Product Code: CS20BPR


Byzantine Matchbox Set Product Code: MBSET31D


Byzantine Handled Tray Product Code: TRAY65C


Byzantine Kiddush Cup & Tray Product Code: KDC28B

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