A Bat Mitzvah is the Jewish initiation ceremony of a girl who has reached the age of twelve. They are regarded as an adult and now have all the right and obligations of the Torah. Browse Quest Collection’s Bat Mitzvah category to find the perfect gift for the young girl coming of age, whether it be a Kiddush cup, candle holders, or tzedakah box!


2 colors
Color Options: Kids Kiddush Cup - Pink Kids Kiddush Cup - Blue

Kids Kiddush Cup - Pink Product Code: SKDC11B


Children's Bear Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC07BL


Children's Elephant Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC09PK


Children's Rabbit Kiddush Cup Product Code: SKDC08GN


Children Kiddush Cups Set Product Code: SKDC07-08-09

2 colors
Color Options: Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Pink Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Blue

Modern Havdalah Cup & Tray - Pink Product Code: HAVC01K

3 colors
Color Options: Butterfly Mezuzah - Multicolored Butterfly Mezuzah - HP Butterfly Mezuzah - Lavender

Butterfly Mezuzah - Multicolored Product Code: MEZ193D


Butterfly Candle Holders Product Code: CS37CPR


Blue Horn Inlay box Product Code: BX22C


Wild Flower Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX10B


Purple Midnight Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ135B


Miriam Candle Holders Product Code: CS09DPR

2 colors
Color Options: Miriam Kiddush Cup - Gold Miriam Kiddush Cup - Blue

Miriam Kiddush Cup - Gold Product Code: KDC03D


Pomegranate Candle Holders Product Code: CS32BPR


Tree of Life & Butterfly Necklace Product Code: NK69B

3 colors
Color Options: Teddy Bear Dreidel - Pink Teddy Bear Dreidel - Multicolored Teddy Bear Dreidel - Blue

Teddy Bear Dreidel - Pink Product Code: DRD13B

2 colors
Color Options: Ballerina Dreidel - Blue Ballerina Dreidel - Pink

Ballerina Dreidel - Blue Product Code: DRD14B

2 colors
Color Options: Star of David Tzedakah Box - Pink Star of David Tzedakah Box - Blue

Star of David Tzedakah Box - Pink Product Code: TZBX01D

3 colors
Color Options: Wild Rose Tallit Clips Wild Rose Tallit Clips - Teal Wild Rose Tallit Clips - Purple

Wild Rose Tallit Clips Product Code: TC27A


Double Tulip Candle Holder Product Code: CH05J

5 colors
Color Options: Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Pastel Green Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Green Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Brown Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Purple Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Blue

Tree Seasons Mezuzah - Pastel Green Product Code: MEZ03D

2 colors
Color Options: Rose Yad - Pink Rose Yad - Purple

Rose Yad - Pink Product Code: YAD13A

4 colors
Color Options: Tree of Life Yad - Green Tree of Life Yad - Dark Brown Tree of Life Yad - Light Brown Tree of Life Yad - Blue

Tree of Life Yad - Green Product Code: YAD17C


Ballerina Mezuzah Product Code: MEZ28A


Fiddler on the Roof Tzedakah Box Product Code: TZBX02A

2 colors
Color Options: Tulip Menorah - Multicolored Tulip Menorah - Red

Tulip Menorah - Multicolored Product Code: MEN01E

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