Each of these challah trays will add something special to your Shabbat meal. Whether they are made from wood or glass, Quest Collection’s challah trays are the perfect addition to your table.


Butterfly Challah Bread Board Product Code: CHBTW116A


Round Wooden Challah Bread Cutting Board Product Code: CHBTW03B

2 colors
Color Options: Pomegranate Silver Accent Challah Bread Board Tray Pomegranate Gold Accent Challah Board Tray

Mulberry Flower Cheese Board Product Code: CHBTW109A


Lizard Teak Wood Cheese Board Product Code: CHBTW108A


Multi-functional Serving Tray Product Code: CHB06A


Marble Branch Challah/ Cheese Board Product Code: CHB03B


Aviva Wood Challah Bread Board Tray Product Code: TRAY105A


Flower Accent Cheese Board Product Code: CHBTW110A


Pomegranate Wood Tray with Attached Bowl Product Code: TRAY35A

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