Create a festive environment with these Quest Collection themed dishes. Centered around dipping apples in honey, each piece has a bowl and/or tray to place apples and honey on!


Lily Pad Honey Set Product Code: HNSET41A


Seven Species Pomegranate Honey Dish Product Code: HNSET10C


Pomegranate Honey Dish with Handle Product Code: HNSET11B


Pomegranate Round Glass Tray Product Code: HNSET40C


Mini Gold Apple Bowl with Spoon Product Code: DSH33B


Lotus Honey Dish Set Product Code: HNSET39C


Bumble Bee Honey Set Product Code: HNSET38B

4 colors
Color Options: Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Sky Blue Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Purple Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Periwinkle Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Yellow

Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Sky Blue Product Code: HNSET03PL


Golden Half Egg with Spoon Product Code: CND29B


Marrakesh Honey Dish -Navy Blue Product Code: HNSET20C


Branch with Mini Apple Bowls Product Code: ORN24A

2 colors
Color Options: Mini Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon - HP Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon

Mini Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon - HP Product Code: DSH30C


Pure Honey Set Product Code: HNSET17ME


Branch with Mini Pomegranate Bowls Product Code: ORN22C


Apple Blossom Honey Set Product Code: HNSET18A


Mini Apple Honey Bowl Set Product Code: APSET01A


Branch with Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowls Product Code: ORN22A


Honeycomb Beehive Pot Product Code: HNSET15A


Apple Honey Dish Set - Small Product Code: HNSET01C


Apple Honey Dish Set - Large Product Code: HNSET08A


Mini Honeycomb Beehive Bowl Set Product Code: HNSET12A

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