Dress up your Rosh Hashana table with these themed Quest Collection dishes. Creative and innovative designs are perfect for serving and sharing apples and honey in style.


Lily Pad Honey Set Product Code: HNSET41A


Seven Species Pomegranate Honey Dish Product Code: HNSET10C


Pomegranate Honey Dish with Handle Product Code: HNSET11B


Pomegranate Round Glass Tray Product Code: HNSET40C


Mini Gold Apple Bowl with Spoon Product Code: DSH33B


Lotus Honey Dish Set Product Code: HNSET39C


Bumble Bee Honey Set Product Code: HNSET38B

4 colors
Color Options: Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Sky Blue Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Purple Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Periwinkle Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Yellow

Blossom Flower Bowl Set - Sky Blue Product Code: HNSET03PL


Golden Half Egg with Spoon Product Code: CND29B


Marrakesh Honey Dish Product Code: HNSET20C


Branch with Mini Apple Bowls Product Code: ORN24A

2 colors
Color Options: Mini Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon - HP Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon

Mini Pomegranate Bowl with Spoon - HP Product Code: DSH30C


Pure Honey Set Product Code: HNSET17ME


Branch with Mini Pomegranate Bowls Product Code: ORN22C


Apple Blossom Honey Set Product Code: HNSET18A


Mini Apple Honey Bowl Set Product Code: APSET01A


Branch with Mini Gold Pomegranate Bowls Product Code: ORN22A


Honeycomb Beehive Pot Product Code: HNSET15A


Apple Honey Dish Set - Small Product Code: HNSET01C


Apple Honey Dish Set - Large Product Code: HNSET08A


Mini Honeycomb Beehive Bowl Set Product Code: HNSET12A

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